In early 2022, I created the original version of as my first web development project. I built it using JQuery and Bootstrap. For details on the original version, see my previous blog post. Even though it was rough, by 2024 it was getting about 2,000+ daily active users and had seen 8.3 million guesses entered, which far exceeded what I could have ever imagined for the site.

Between 2022 and 2024, I had learned a lot more web development, so I figured I owed it to those many Wordle Replay users to improve the site, and that’s what I did. This updated version provides many new features and is written using React and Material UI.

To play the latest version of the game, see, and it is also embedded at the bottom of this page. If you’re also familiar with React web development, checkout the wordle-replay-react GitHub repository to contribute to the site.

All feedback is welcome.

New Features


  • A much improved UI that scales better to different screen sizes
  • Guesses are saved automatically, allowing users to return to previously unfinished puzzles without having to start all over
  • Calendar view of which puzzles are solved, unfinished, or still to-do
  • Hard Mode
  • Color Blind mode
  • View, filter, and delete history for all puzzles or each puzzle individually
  • News blog that announces new updates/features in a single location

Implementation Details

  • Uses React and Material UI
    • better state management compared to JQuery
    • More consistent styling with Material UI compared to Bootstrap
    • Uses react-router-dom Link within Material UI Link (since react-router-dom Link is faster for inter-site linking)
  • Unit tests: the previous version had no unit tests, and this version has extensive unit tests, which greatly reduces the likelihood of unexpected/incorrect behavior.
  • Deployed to GitHub Pages via /docs folder on main branch instead of leveraging gh-pages package.
  • Uses IndexedDB instead of localStorage for saving guesses
  • CNAME needed to be “” vs “” for history to carry over

Competition: NYT Wordle Archive

In surprising timing, The New York Times launched their own Wordle Archive in May 2024, just before I launched my new version. I’m both happy and sad to report that it’s so full of full of advertisements that it’s nearly unusable. It also used a ton of memory, literally 1.3 GB, which is enough that could slow a user’s whole computer down. Perhaps they’ll improve it in the future.

Maybe they’ll even glean some inspiration from Embedding

See the live version of here below. For the best playing and viewing experience, navigate directly to